Amateur Radio Equipment


Ten Tec Argonaut 516 and power supply

         Scout with plug-in frequency modules

         Omni VI with power supply

         Argonaut 509


Linear amplifier for Argonaut 505

Heath SB-102 Transceiver

         SB-600 Power supply-spkr for SB-102

         SB-200 Linear Amplifier

Ameritron antenna tuner

Kenwood TS-430 with power supply

Chrome Vibroplex bug


Grey Vibroplex paddles

Hallicrafters SX-96 receiver

                    sky champion

Heath AT-1  (x2)

Heath lambic keyers

Tektronix model 551 dual-beam oscilloscope

Spare tektronix scope

Heath SB-104 transceiver with noise blanker and CW filters

Power supply, remote vfo, station monitor, and station console for Heath SB-104

Heath SB-230 linear amplifier

Hi Gain High Tower vertical antenna tower (2)

Large amount of electronic parts and test equipment